May 10, 2010

Bukit Tinggi, Pahang

It was on 7th of May 2010,my last for exam,insolvency. really kicked it and get it done.huhu. kinda dissapointed coz the question was totally different from the previous sem,huhu. but anyway just hope for the best after all the effort. but still it was a great walk together to BuKIT Tinggi phg to mention here,not to confuse with bkt tinggi Klng,,hahha with my friends just after the exam. kgkwn satu skolah,we're in great ukhwah even no longer studying together,, thanks to you guys..walking,eating,laughing,story-telling. didn't i said it? u guys are cool..hehe bkelah dgn riangnya tnpa malu dibawah pohon bambu.huhu.and 1 thing for sure so dehydrating!haha;p..owh yet to mention,da 1st photo kt i-city..huhu.jln2 kjp lps blk dr bkt tinggi..a walk together on 7th of May 2010~

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