October 14, 2010

First working experience!..gosh..

Uuuu Gosh.. i have had my first working experience! I have never work before even i got plenty of days of holidays during my semester break and i can still remember being at home for about 6 to 7 months after my SPM! ok back to the story,working last tuesday was really a challenge actually.a work that needs me to be fully awake at night! because the work only start at about 12 at night and it only ends at tomorrow morning..huhu,,and trust me i had not even once felt sleepy on that time.oh forgot to mention,.this work is called "stock take", where you need to count the items a.k.a the stock at the shopping mall.. and of course the work only starts at night,only after all the customer are no longer there,and only the "mission" is on,counting the stock wearing a set of "suit" haha!actually we are equipped with a machine where the data of the stack will be key-in and a scanner is plugged in together with it.can people imagine it?heh..last tuesday we went to TESCO Seremban,only take about an hour from PJ to arrive there.i've been assigned to count at "file section". such a misery actually,those file looking the same and some of them were mixed-up.and for about two hours i've been doing at the same location!just imagine it.. and plus the hard time the machine gave me because of (1) the button of the machine is in japanese languange, (2)im so alienated in handling the machine, whenever things look weird on screen of the machine,i'd definitely called my team leader.and he was so patient,definely will help with no hesitation n x merungut lansung.tq fadhil..hehe.mesti dah sakit jiwa ngn ak..all of them were very to us (my friends and i),.a credit jugak to my supervisor on that night..baik gl n ckp pn lemah lembut.hilang sgl tekanan..hehe. other than the file, i got the pillow section,sejadah..really lots of them..huhu.n also other things that me myself cant remember it anymore..huhu. It just a one day work actually,and i will only start working again during this coming semester break,insya-Allah..hehe.but it will be stock taking at JUSCO.. But above all,it's a great experience bcoz after all this where i got my first working experience and where till now both of my legs are still in pain because kept being up and down on the ladder while counting stock..huhu;p

October 03, 2010

Hanya berapa ketika lagi,.moga kita berjaya!

Hari ni dah selesai our "finishing school" programme yang berlangsung lebih kurang 2 and half day..Terasa seperti sudah mau grad untuk BLS but still hv to wait for the final exam meh!hehe..Hopefully suma berjalan lancar so that me and all my friends dapat sambung LLB sem depan.Insyllh moga dipermudahkan oleh-Nya. Lagi dua mggu ja tinggal kls,lps tu our final menunggu. dijadualkan start 25 oktober and selesai on 9th of November,gap exam bley tahan jugaklah tapi paper2 awal suma yang kaw2.Memang beberapa ketika lagilah nk menunggu final exam and then insyllh semoga selamat and dapat grad BLS sem ni.. rasa kejap sangat masa berlalu,tik tok tik tok dah part 6,.Ak sentiasa berdoa moga each and everyone of us bley pursue dengan ap yang diharapkan. Selamat berjaya untuk suma!

June 26, 2010

Back to SAINA

Had a wonderfultime yesterday meeting friends kt skolah semalam.Yang x pernah jumpa lepas habis skolah thn 2005 dulu. Ramai jugak smlm yang ad,AD, an-t, gha, kak long,samha,fetty,haha,peng,atikah,dilah,apai,ehhh sapa lg nih,hahha.. n not to mention lah budak2 ribena yang yg dtg amik ak.hehe.thank you so much. Xsure kul bpa smp kt sekolah tapi bila nak balik smp kul 7ptg jugak lah setelah g melawat kawasan sekeliling wkt "treasure hunt". sepanjang semalam asik mengimbau kenangan2 5 tahun kat sekolah dulu.termasuklah peristiwa soklan cikgu khairudin dalam kelas 5A yang membawa kepada jawapan2 kontroversi adik misha n en zul alan.!haha. paling syok dok p bkenal diri ngn mak cik DM yang kami kenal.nazlin paling semangat! haha. Photos:album fb azilah nazri;p N ini untuk kengkawan yang semangat sangat nak cuba wat kek ni lepas mkn smlm kt sekolah terutamanya adik misha n azani. coz skarang kredit handphone 0.00. so, this is the best way.hehe.cara nk wat ak dah cita.so ni bhn bhn nya.coz malas nk tulis dah cara nak wat.haha.xpun bila rajin t ak ak upgrade dia nya method. Kek buah Bahan-bahan 1) 2 1/2 cawan tepung gandum 2) 1 1/2 gula (boleh dikurangkan kalau nk kurang manis) 3) 1 cawan air sejuk 4) 2 biji telur 5) 250 gram mentega @ 1 ketul butter 6) 2 cawan buah-buahan campur 7) 2 sudu kecil soda bikarbonat 8) 1 sudu kecil cream tar tar

May 10, 2010

Bukit Tinggi, Pahang

It was on 7th of May 2010,my last for exam,insolvency. really kicked it and get it done.huhu. kinda dissapointed coz the question was totally different from the previous sem,huhu. but anyway just hope for the best after all the effort. but still it was a great walk together to BuKIT Tinggi phg to mention here,not to confuse with bkt tinggi Klng,,hahha with my friends just after the exam. kgkwn satu skolah,we're in great ukhwah even no longer studying together,, thanks to you guys..walking,eating,laughing,story-telling. didn't i said it? u guys are cool..hehe bkelah dgn riangnya tnpa malu dibawah pohon bambu.huhu.and 1 thing for sure so dehydrating!haha;p..owh yet to mention,da 1st photo kt i-city..huhu.jln2 kjp lps blk dr bkt tinggi..a walk together on 7th of May 2010~

March 13, 2010

::Happy Birthday abah::

It’s 13th March today, it is abah’s birthday. Was born in 1950, a strong father of mine who live with a strong heart + no heart problem..hehe.alhamdulillah.(may always be) .. so Great to have him in my life,a remarkable dad he is, the “dad attitude” he possess that i mpossibly heard anywhere else. I can still remember how he taught me mathematics when i was in primary school, even he was no extraordinaire university graduate but he provides enough care for his children. I’m so proud for that.

Things that i won’t ever forget, things that i think other fathers would hardly do or would never do. In proving this, i would like to tender a few evidence.hehe a father who always “kiwi” my school shoes whenever i’m back home,,[when i was in my secondary], check on my pencil case.,sort all my pens,whether can no longer be used or..-things that should not be in it..urmm,, dasat btoi anak dia nh

our father is the best hero of our life,isnt it,,anyway happy 6oth birthday to my dearie dad,,::MR ZAINAL B. HUSSIN,,::smoga di pnjgkan umor dpt tgk his daughter becoming a great legalist(erkk??haha)n dimurahkan rezeki,kesihatan. amin..

it's been a while that i have not posting any entry due to the massive loads of works..[cm dasat sgt,,heh]even on my own birthday recently. and not to forget to nazlin a.k.a misha,,her bithday-9th march,,happy bithday!!!smoga senyum sll,,sbb menawan sgt,,org len x ley celen!!;p


February 16, 2010


great photos, i like those.sll berangan to hv my own dslr,,
snap here n there.
i really wanna do it.!!
these r some photos dat in my view hv its own quality
or sng cita cntik di mata tokey blog nh,,
a lay man point of view,,
  This photos di import dari pge2 yg  dilawati, i think a great shot n i ctrl +c kan dalam blog nh.

  this one i dari fb one my friend. so i put a link to its original post of this photo.

a great view,lights,.a very joyful scenery.

nature lovers,,my habit yg ska merantau ke blog2 n i found this..