March 13, 2010

::Happy Birthday abah::

It’s 13th March today, it is abah’s birthday. Was born in 1950, a strong father of mine who live with a strong heart + no heart problem..hehe.alhamdulillah.(may always be) .. so Great to have him in my life,a remarkable dad he is, the “dad attitude” he possess that i mpossibly heard anywhere else. I can still remember how he taught me mathematics when i was in primary school, even he was no extraordinaire university graduate but he provides enough care for his children. I’m so proud for that.

Things that i won’t ever forget, things that i think other fathers would hardly do or would never do. In proving this, i would like to tender a few evidence.hehe a father who always “kiwi” my school shoes whenever i’m back home,,[when i was in my secondary], check on my pencil case.,sort all my pens,whether can no longer be used or..-things that should not be in it..urmm,, dasat btoi anak dia nh

our father is the best hero of our life,isnt it,,anyway happy 6oth birthday to my dearie dad,,::MR ZAINAL B. HUSSIN,,::smoga di pnjgkan umor dpt tgk his daughter becoming a great legalist(erkk??haha)n dimurahkan rezeki,kesihatan. amin..

it's been a while that i have not posting any entry due to the massive loads of works..[cm dasat sgt,,heh]even on my own birthday recently. and not to forget to nazlin a.k.a misha,,her bithday-9th march,,happy bithday!!!smoga senyum sll,,sbb menawan sgt,,org len x ley celen!!;p


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