February 16, 2010


great photos, i like those.sll berangan to hv my own dslr,,
snap here n there.
i really wanna do it.!!
these r some photos dat in my view hv its own quality
or sng cita cntik di mata tokey blog nh,,
a lay man point of view,,
  This photos di import dari pge2 yg  dilawati, i think a great shot n i ctrl +c kan dalam blog nh.

  this one i dari fb one my friend. so i put a link to its original post of this photo.

a great view,lights,.a very joyful scenery.

nature lovers,,my habit yg ska merantau ke blog2 n i found this..


  1. Suddenly when I scrolled down a little bit, it appeared to be my photo!!! I was so shocked! owh, u took it from my fb ae...heheheee...anyway TQ for letting my pic lay eternally in your blog =) I like it =)

  2. suka tgk gmbr nazlin n haziq tu..so nice!~