February 28, 2011

Conquering Broga Hills.

Last Sunday 28th of February, my friends and I had our hiking at Broga Hills. A great experience I would say, a challenging activity that we had planned for quite a times before and Alhamdulillah managed to make it happen. Stayed at peng's place that night at UKM and we then depart to Semenyih around 5.00 a.m.
                                               It's me on the hills

Lots of people..

on our way back..

Things which are important to bring along would be torchlight because you'll defenitely need it. Water to quench your thirst. Basically the hills are not that high but the altitude is rather enough to make you sweating plus if you are beginners like us.

As you can see lots of people,from different walks of ages, even the small kids were there too. Yeah how can i be so suprised,haha.even my brother had brought my 3 and 4 years old nieces to Broga before i did and they even had gone to Gunung Nuang..;p

Having a great time there with friends and hoping for other challenge because I'm starting to love it just the way I expect it to be.


  1. cantik sgt...mesti best kan?...thanks for following

  2. @golden rose:penat tapi best,,hehe..lots pics are waiting to be uploaded..=)

  3. good...upload byk2....suke pemandangan alam...tenang je

  4. k,dah tambah gmbr few editting..hee..

  5. Cantiklah Broga Hills nie. Teringin nak pergi tapi masih belum berkesempatan. :)

    Dah join HeartBeat belum? Kalau belum, KLIK SINI! Rugi tak join. :)

  6. SubbahanAllah, cantik pemandangan..bpe jam daki?


  7. apis@ x ingat berapa lama mungkin dalam 1 jam lebih kot..best,kena pegi experience sendiri..
    jom pas ni teringin nak mendaki tempat lain pulak:)

  8. oh my.... the photo looks so great!! sangat teruja nya! suka nya!!! sungguh! :D