March 21, 2011


The recent korean drama that I've finished watching it, SECRET GARDEN..Hehe,even a lot of works cant deny the inner feelings to watch it.hehe but of coz i've to be patient enough for it to swallowed bit by bit. its 20 series drama. Lead by HYUN BIN as Kim Joo Won and HA JI WON as Gil Ra Im..

This story is about an arrogant perfectionist  CEO that fell in love with a humble stuntwoman where he at first instance try to hide the feelings and been wondering why he fall for someone like her. and a lot of things happen along the road as he try to win her heart..

the famous Sit-up scene :)

One thing for sure,I love Joo Won's house! Such an amazing one i should say and the locations of the shooting were beautiful.
Cant wait for our Seoul searching experience!


  1. sorry for reply now....
    yes, i have it....
    Check this:

    thank you....

  2. for me this drama is quite boring although the main actor and actress are quite famous!20 episode but u can expect what's happen next!*okay this is truly sincerely my thought;p*

  3. aku baru je tgk cite ni hahahaha
    sumpahh bestt wahhh cayalahha

  4. daylachan@ it's ok,pndpt msg2..huhu,but to be frank i love it!hehe..not because of the actors but because othe way they carry their characters and the story line suit my taste i think..heh

    far8@same here!:)